Upcoming Horror Movies in 2023


It doesn’t have to be Halloween to scratch your spooky genre itch – us horror fans can’t get enough of watching scary movies all year long! Luckily, there are still plenty of terrifying flicks on the way in 2023, so we’ve put together a handy release date schedule that will help you keep track of what’s coming out and when.

It’s already been a great year for horror, with Evil Dead Rise, Scream 6, Infinity Pool, Beau Is Afraid, The Pope’s Exorcist, Knock at the Cabin and Renfield all making a splash, but there’s much more to come in the back half of 2023, so you’ll almost certainly find a new horror gem lurking on the horizon.

From highly anticipated theatrical release films like Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Exorcist, The First Omen, and Saw X, to smaller, on-demand streaming films that are set to give you the creeps right by the cosy hearth of your own home, like Natty Knocks, The Passenger, and Bad Things, you can find details of all the new horror offerings waiting to take a bite out of your time right here. Some of them are still awaiting release dates, but we’ll be updating this regularly as those officially slot into this year’s schedule.

Remember who sent you, and to check back after you’ve watched your latest horror obsession for all our coverage of the best horror movies of 2023!

Movie TitleRelease Date
Bad Girl Boogey (VOD)July 4
Insidious: The Red Door (Theatrical)July 7
Tearsucker (VOD)July 7
The Breach (VOD)July 10
Bird Box Barcelona (Netflix)July 14
Quicksand (Shudder)July 14
The Flood (VOD)July 14
Final Cut (Theatrical)July 14
Belle (Limited Theatrical)July 14
Time’s Up (VOD)July 18
Natty Knocks (VOD)July 21
Cobweb (Theatrical)July 21
Mother, May I? (VOD)July 21
Sharksploitation (Shudder)July 21
Haunted Mansion (Theatrical)July 28
Talk To Me (Theatrical)July 28
The Passenger (VOD)August 4
Heir of the Witch (VOD)August 4
Til Death Do Us Part (VOD)August 4
Meg 2: The Trench (Theatrical)August 4
Elevator Game (Shudder)August 11
The Last Voyage of the Demeter (Theatrical)August 11
The Dive (Theatrical)August 25
Bad Things (Shudder)August 25
The Nun 2 (Theatrical)September 8
Poor Things (Theatrical)September 8
Satanic Hispanics (Theatrical)September 14
It Lives Inside (Theatrical)September 22
The Exorcist (Theatrical)October 13
Five Nights at Freddy’s (Theatrical/Peacock)October 27
Saw X (Theatrical)October 27
The First Omen (Theatrical)October 31
ThanksgivingNovember 17
The StrangersTBD
Dark HarvestTBD
The SacrificeTBD
Salem’s LotTBD
Suitable FleshTBD
Somewhere QuietTBD
Don’t SuckTBD
Deer Camp 86 TBD
The Forest HillsTBD
Sister DeathTBD
The OriginTBD
Everyone Will BurnTBD
The Platform 2 (Netflix)TBD
The Last Boy on EarthTBD
True HauntingTBD

The other major movie releases are listed here! For Marvel movie and TV series release dates, check out our complete breakdown right here. You can also find a preview of upcoming Star Wars films and TV shows here. For other big TV release dates, the schedule can be found here.

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